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Friday, December 17, 2010

Photography, the sharing.....

I have been very active on the internet with picture sharing for years.
There are many ways to do it, many places to use..

Like most people, I started out locally in my own country.
After a very short while, I understood, that it was not what I was looking for.
I needed a bigger audience, with a wider angle of artistic impression.
I tried out a Yahoo BLOG, at that time called 360.
When it finally started to pay off with interested readers, rumors that the BLOG would close down came to the surface. I left, and it did close down after a short while.
Today, I still wonder where all those people are, that I interacted with..

Festblues ~ On Flickr Break!

Then I discovered Flickr.
BIG thing for me! And I loved it, joined over 800 groups, became an admin and co-admin of many many groups, and even made a few groups myself.
Got over 2200 friends.. and, it took all the free time I had available..
Due to the heavy workload at Flickr, my creativity vanished..
I felt empty.
I had to change.. which I did.
As of today, I am still on Flickr Break, and I don't think I will ever return.
I simply do not have the time.
All the group postings and all that jazz is really nice, but it takes way too much time, and it gives you too little in return, except for interactions with a lot of people with the same interest as yourself.
I needed something else, but did not really know what...

Then, someone I knew from Flickr, told me about
A totally different site, much better quality display, and with a professional management team.
This place is more about quality and learning, than quantity and group dumping.
They give you free PhotoShop courses with highly skilled PhotoShop users, they have a Critique forum, where you can get honest opinion and help on your work. They run fair contests 24/7, 12 months the year. You can post to groups to get more views and comments, and you can make your own groups if you desire that.

'Explore' your pictures to get rated and get real feedback and if you want your Carma to raise within the community, you take part in where you find the time and pleasure.

What I do like most though, is that it is professional.
The people running Megashot are highly skilled photographers, and artists,
and if you have potential or showing extra skills yourself, it will not go unnoticed.

YouTube videos are made of all the contests they are running to feature great artists,
they have tutorials for editing, composition, what ever you need to learn about photography,
and they have made a special serial for members who have progressively improved their photography.
All of this, they have done all by themselves, for no cost, because they like your work, and see a future in it.
They want to help you to become a better artist, and they do what's in their power to do so, using today's media, the internet.

I have gained much knowledge about photography through this site, and everyday, I learn more, experience more and see more, that carries me on my way, the path of visualization.

I would say, personally, is the place to be, if you want to do something serious with your photographic passion.

Thank you Cyrus and crew. You are doing a fantastic job!!

Nina @

Megashot on Facebook!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

One footprint at the time..

I am riding the biggest wave of my life ever..
This years Christmas present will be like no other..

It's not true that all the fun happens only when you are young..
Or to the blond (wait up! I'm blond.. Hmm.. ;o)

Life just seems to become better and better. How is that possible?

But, some things in life, does take some time to get straight.
While other things in life, takes quite some time to get straight.
This scenario I call TTT. ThingsTakeTime.
Better late than never is another way to describe it.
This BLOG, has been on the drawing table for years. It just never happened, before now.

I will write about photography, my work, others work, art and music.
I will write about nature and wildlife, our planet, the great Big Blue.
I will feature great artists of today and from yesterday, and maybe tomorrow..
And I will support my partner Tony Beck and close good friends.
And also, I will support sites and organizations that does a heartfelt effort for this planet and its environment and living creatures.
But, NO politics or religion will be mentioned here.
After all, I'd like to keep the peace..

I'm hoping for interaction from whom ever finds it in their time to read the words here..

Stay safe ~

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair..."
~ Khalil Gibran