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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brand new images from Antarctica..

South Polar Skua © Tony Beck

Tony is now on his last voyage.
They have crossed The Scotia Sea and have arrived at the Falkland Islands.

The following images are brand new photos, taken on his 3 first weeks.
What happens from now on until his return, will be for Tony to Blog about.
He's in a new place.. we can only wait and see the wonders he will capture and bring back to us.

Adelie Penguins © Tony Beck

Snow Petrel © Tony Beck

Chinstrap Penguin © Tony Beck

Pintado Petrels © Tony Beck 

Gentoo Penguins © Tony Beck

 Antarctic Prion © Tony Beck

More from Tony in March :o)


  1. Gorgeous photos from Tony...Love the one of the Chinstrap Penguin,it looks like it was smiling for him! Thanks for sharing,Nina! :-)

  2. These are WONDERFUL!!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    And again... Godspeed Tony! Be safe!


    Thanks Nina! :-)

    -Christopher Grove

  3. Thank you everyone. I am very happy you liked the last update. I don't think Tony will be able to send any new images to me before he comes home, so we just have to wait for his return to get the news of the whole journey :o)