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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Journey Continues...

 © Tony Beck

Gentoo Penguin © Tony Beck

The Journey continues:

We are following Tony Beck  on his journey to Antarctica.
The first half of the first voyage is done. 
He is now on his way back to Argentina.  

© Tony Beck

"The weather has been perfect, and the wildlife plenty.
The warm late-evening light is beautiful. Especially when mixed with the
calm water, rugged mountains and blue ice.

© Tony Beck

We walked through a Gentoo colony this morning, and then sailed our
ice-breaker through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world!

Gentoo Family © Tony Beck

© Tony Beck

Days later:
The weather has changed. It's colder, and heavy overcast.
Still lots of ice and lots of penguins.
We came very close to Antarctic Fur Seal, and Leopard Seals.
They were BIG!

Antarctic Fur Seal © Tony Beck

 Leopard Seal © Tony Beck

We are on our last day in Antarctica today, before we return to South America via the Drake Passage.

Sunset, Moonrise - Giant Petrel - Drake Passage © Tony Beck
Yesterday was spectacular.
We went through some wonderful ice and saw much wildlife.
We watched Humpback Whales doing "bubble feeding".
The weather is cold, with blowing snow.
Sometimes it is difficult to capture photos.
Although it's harsh, it's still excellent, and beautiful."

© Tony Beck

Stay tuned...


  1. A wonderful adventure! Thanks for the updates. Really enjoying your posts, Nina.

  2. Amazing photo's - depicting the incredible icy scenes.Wildlife seems to flourish. Thanks for posting and keeping this blog. Mike McIntosh

  3. Thank you Lin and Mike. Happy you enjoyed the reading, and the pictures! :o)

  4. love with the Gentoo family..ain't they adorable?
    happy week to you, Nina.

  5. They sure are Shimai, and the same to you :o)