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Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year ! !

The year of 2010 has ended and left us. What an amazing year it was!
At least for me personally...

First half of 2010 was extremely busy for me. I had two major things on my daily agenda.

Evening school at Bilder Nordic School of Photography

Much hard work and assignments took all my spare time, it was good to finally pass the exams and look back at the time spent on learning digital photography.

The second important thing on my daily agenda was my 10 month contract, full time day job at WWF International Arctic Programme based in Oslo, Norway.

From left to right: Patrick Lewis, Clive Tésar, Martin Sommerkorn, Lena Eskeland, Me, Sylvie Leveau, Jeff Musk, Geoff York, Susan Evans & Gary Miller.
A most wonderful team to work with and to get to know. I admire all these people and what they do for our planet. Keep up the awesome work you guy's, where ever you are and doing right now!

Then, 1st July, I left Norway, traveling to Canada to be with my boyfriend, Tony Beck
Our relationship developed strong and quick and we made the biggest commitment to each other on the 24th December 2010. Talk about the best Christmas present of the century...

Photo credit: Bob Watt

We were married on the Jack Pine Trail, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
More from the wedding in my friend Bill Bowman's: BLOG

More pictures at my Facebook Album

Thank you 2010, for everything you gave me (which in my opinion is a lot!).
Welcome 2011! I am impatient to continue this journey, that started in 2010, and carried me into 2011, and will take me much further as the days progresses.
I definitely think I'm having the best time of my life. At least it does feel like I'm on the right track, finally ! :o)

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