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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Journey to the Coldest Place on Earth...

Gentoo Penguins © Tony Beck

Tony is travelling back to Antarctica, his second trip to the icy cold destination.
And, with no doubt, he’s having the time of his life!
His travels and journeys are SO exciting!! 
Therefore, I decided to BLOG his journey to the The Coldest Place On Earth
At least parts of it, as often as I am lucky to receive messages from him to give news…
All text edited by me.

Tony Beck on the ship Jan 2010. © Tsuyu Ohara

"Well... here I am on the ocean in the middle of nowhere, and loving it.
The ship is rolling, and it's difficult to stand sometimes.
However, I've gotten a couple of good photos of albatross, and two lifer birds
- A Common Diving-Petrel and the Light-mantled Sooty Albatross!!
The Albatross was my MOST wanted bird! But, no photos (yet).
I've been getting some good photos of other seabirds and the seabirds are really awesome!
Pintado Petrels are the most amazing creatures.

Pintado Petrel © Tony Beck

Day 5:  The patterns and colors of the ice is unbelievable!!!
The water is calm, and we have some excellent reflections.
Our ship is an ice-breaker, so we are able to get deep into icy waters.
But, it is very cold!

© Tony Beck

Not a lot of wildlife yet.
We've seen a few penguins and seals, and a lot of Wilson's Storm-Petrels!

Wilson's Storm-Petrel © Nina Stavlund

My favorite is the immaculate white Snow Petrel.
I watched one fly out of a nest from close range.
What an awesome sight. I want to photograph them!

© Tony Beck

Day 6: Today was another beautiful day with a million ice forms.
Not much wildlife. But, the ice is a photographers dream.
The water is like a mirror.
And, when the sun is low, the ice is pink.
Then, when the sun comes up, there are all types of patterns mixed with
blue. The scenery from the ship is gorgeous!
Not many Storm Petrels left. But, I still see a few Snow Petrels.
But, the most amazing thing today was to have an Adelie Penguin jump right
onto our zodiac!
It was the most awesome experience EVER!"

Adelie Penguin © Tony Beck

Zodiac © Tony Beck

Gentoo Penguins © Tony Beck

Stay tuned ! :o)


  1. That is so awesome! One place that has always been on my bucket list. Great shots and thank for sharing with us,Nina! :-)

  2. What an adventure, thanks for sharing! The photos are absolutely amazing!! Tony is so talented :)

  3. Fabulous inspirational shots - love the presentation. Thanks for sharing,Nina!

  4. Thanks Pamela, Karen and Shimai :o)
    Happy you enjoyed it !
    More will come soon!